About Us

The Girls

Vicki, LaNay, Lori and Jodi

This has been a joint venture that started almost 5 years ago, in a van… down by the river. Ha!

It actually did form into a plan of sorts in the back of a van, but in San Francisco in early 2007.   Lori got married and moved to CA.   LaNay and I flew out for a visit.  LaNay and I had hand embroidered some flour-sack dish towels to give as a housewarming gift.  They were the vintage looking designs, like Grandma always made, such as silverware, teapots, little pans, and such.  After we embroidered them, we thought they needed a little “embellishment”.  So we added a naughty twist that you wouldn’t routinely expect to find on a dish towel.  We gave them to Lori in the van on the way to their house from the airport.  We laughed so hard we cried, and what started out as a funny gift turned into a great idea and became dirtydishtowels.com.

After drinking deeply from the flask, we had a good number of ideas to bring back home and start our new venture.  That’s when we asked Jodi, the fourth sister, if she wanted to be involved in our sure to be lucrative business.  To date, we all still have our day jobs.  We researched our name and it was available, created a website, and bought an embroidery/sewing machine to bring our designs to life.  We decided that with aprons making a comeback, they were a logical fit with our dirty dishtowels.

One of our mottos is, “If you want to keep your clothes clean and your apron dirty”… .dirtydishtowels.com.   Many of the apron pockets have the same design as the embroidered towels.   We like to have important business meetings where we drink wine to enhance the creative process.  There seems to be no shortage of ideas for new towels so be sure to check back often.