What’s New?

We’ve added a few new things to our repertoire of classy yet dirty, funny yet sexy products.  Starting with the all new Lazily Paisily Apron.

I'm not cooking

Full size halter style apron is short and flirty with a cute pink paisley print and brown with pink polka dot contrast.  Long ties to make a cute bow in the front.  Perfect for those lazy days where you’re not really going to make food.  Maybe slice some cheese and put out some crackers to go with the wine.

Next up: Wine Goes With All My Outfits Dish Towel.

Wine goes with all my outfits. Matchy matchy!

Large embroidered floursack dish towel with the always fashionable DDT girl and her matching shoes, purse, panties and belt.  Completing the ensemble is the ever present bottle of wine.  Wine goes with all my outfits!   Great gift idea for winos everywhere.

Then there’s the Seedy Little Apron.

Spit don't swallow

Cute half apron in a fun and flirty bright watermelon pink with little black seeds and spring green accent ruffle and pocket.  Ties in a full bow in the back.  It’s a little seedy so remember to spit, don’t swallow!

A personal favorite of mine is the I Feel A Drunk Dial Coming On Dish Towel.

I got your digits.....

There’s never a better time to call and chat then after you’ve had a few too many.  Everyone loves it.  In fact, I love you.  I mean it.  I really really do.  Large embroidered floursack dish towel with our own little drunk girl and her cell phone.  She may be calling you.  Answer dammit!

That’s it for now.  I’ll showcase a few more of our fabulous designs soon.  In the meantime, grab your credit card and your booze and start buying these wonderful products.  Buy them, use them, adore them.  We accept Paypal and major credit cards.  But they have to be major. Ha!

Peace out!  Do people still say peace out?  Did they ever?



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